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Medicoat AG在人体植入装置上喷涂涂层

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Company Introduce 公司介绍


As indicated in our name, Medicoat AG manufactures coatings on implant devices. Starting with the design and construction for our own thermal spray equipments, we now have a competent team of specialists in our system engineering field. We deliver complete coating systems as well as single components for any spraying technology and coating application. 

如我们名字所示Medicoat AG在人体植入装置上喷涂涂层。随着自行设计和生产热喷涂设备,公司拥有了由系统工程领域专家组成强大专业团队,可提供全套的涂层系统和用于任何喷涂技术和涂层应用的单个组件。










More than 20 years experience in thermal spraying and the advantage of having medical coating, equipment constructing and process control / regulation engineering under one roof, allows us to provide our clients always with the best solution, customized to their requirements. The R&D team preserves our leading position and makes Medicoat to the right partner for your coating development. img4




History of Medicoat   Medicoat 的历史

 1984                Rough Ti-structure by VPS 


1986                Hydroxyapatite (HA)-coatings by VPS


1989                Foundation of Medicoat (Niederrohrdorf)  

                        Medicoat 成立         Niederrohrdorf )

1990                 First VPS-system (actual 4 equipments)


1995                    New building in Mägenwil 


1996                   Foundation of MC/F  


 1997                   Certified ISO 9001 

通过ISO 9001认证

2003                   Start of in-house HA-production 


2006                ISO-Certification of HA-powder production 


2007                ISO Certified equipment production 


2009                Certification ISO 13485

通过 ISO 13485认证  
































Operational activities:




1. Medical Coatings 医用涂层

 Ti, HA, Ti/HA


2. Thermal Spraying Technology:热喷涂技术

 Systems, Components, Spare parts 系统,部件,备件


3. Spray Powders: 喷涂粉末

 Hydroxyapatite, Ti-powders, Ceramics羟基磷灰石粉末,Ti粉,陶瓷粉末


4. Industrial Coatings: 工业用涂层

 DC/HF-VPS, APS, HVOF, Cold Gas 


5. Research and Engineering: 研究与工程

 FlowWatch, TrueVoltage, PowderSwitch 流速计,实际电压,粉末开关




42 Equipments, 50 Powder feeders 42台设备,50个送粉器


20000 Coated Implants (2008) 喷涂20000个植入涂层(2008



DC - VPS coating process                                         HF - VPS coating process

DC - VPS 涂层工                                                    HF - VPS 涂层工艺











Machine and Process Control 设备与工艺控制


To improve the process of thermal spraying, our enterprise has specialized in the machine and process control. A core component of our coating equipment is the PC / PLC - combination for control and regulation: All relevant parameters are maintained to constant values and visualized as a function of time with defined alarm barriers. Apart from easy data handling (EXCEL), the PC allows the integration of additional software (for example permanent calculation of coating costs, process monitoring and so on). As the PC is only the working surface, there is no danger of a machine stand still caused by the PC.




Process control of thermal spraying热喷涂的工艺控制


Modern thermal spray operation is based on the coordination of the plasma plume or flame characteristics and powder properties. A central controller is needed which is linked with all the components of the spraying system.



The core element for the process control by Medicoat is a PC in combination with a programmable logic controller (picture 1). The PLC proved to be the best solution for an automatic spraying process based on parameter sets stored in the E-PROM. The PC is however much more powerful in data registration, storage and visualisation which are needed for a certified coating production. Newly developed software enables us to make a link between the PLC and the PC. For the communication with the individual components Profibus DP is used. An optimised process performance with high stability and reproducibility is the result.

Medicoat工艺控制的核心元件是带有可编程序逻辑控制器PC(见1)。这个可编程序逻辑控制器PLC)基于参数设置存储E-PROM,是自动喷涂工艺最好的解决方案。PC则在涂层生产中的数据录入、存储和可视化具有极为强大的优势。新开发的软件使我们可以轻松地PLCPC连接起来,采用Profibus DP进行单个部件的通信。故此拥有高稳定性和重复性的优化工艺性能。  





























A specific property of our central process control is the package of security, which guarantees high availability under production conditions, based on the validation according to DIN ISO EN 9001 and putting into operation according to DIN-32521.

 我们的中心工艺控制器的一个特定性能是安全软件包,它可以保证基于DIN ISO EN 9001的生产条件和依DIN-32521的投入运行的条件下,拥有高可用/可靠性。


·       Every electrically measurable actual value is combined with an alarm in 3 steps of sensitivity: information, advice and constraint.



·       The permanent registration of all quality related spraying parameters, displayed as a function of time and printed out after the coating process is completed, is a very useful pre-warning in correlation to the tolerance range that have been defined for each parameter. Beside the constance in operation a significant prolongation of the lifetime of important parts and components is the result.



·       Servicing and recalibration by phone is done by means of a modem with secure internet connection.



·       The complete PC software is ensured by a licensed duplicate using an integrated ghost hard disc, which can be activated if a failure forces an interruption.



The data generated by the PLC during the spraying process fulfil the FDA requirement. The print-out of the data registration of the quality related spraying parameters as a function of the spraying time is accepted by ISO 13485 as process documentation.




DC-VPS AnlageDC / HF-VPS Kombianlage

Medicoat  DC - VPS                                 Medicoat DC / HF - VPS 系统


Application 应用领域


Medical industry is our main activity as our name expresses.
The technical specification for the Ti/HA-coating you ask for is exactly what we spray by VPS for some of our customer.


l        Ti-powder according ISO 5853 but grade 1 for the coating in relationship to ASTM F 1580.

 Ti粉符ISO5853,也同时满ASTM F1580 1级标准。


l          HA-powder according to ISO 13779-2.



l        Coating thickness as ASTM F 1854 requires, but adapted to the bone structure, in which the surgical implant will go in.

 涂层厚度符ASTM F1854的要求,并接适合外科植入部位的骨结构。


l        Regarding the coating properties, please see picture 9. Most important beside the crystallinity is the Ca/P-relationship, which indicates the content in beta-TCP or CaO. If the Ca/P-value is 1.69 ± 0.2, then only traces of both are detectable.


 关于涂层性能,请看9。除结晶度外最重要的就是表beta-TCPCaO中含量的Ca/P关系,如Ca/P值是1.69 ± 0.2,就只能测出骨骼的痕迹。














  Also please consider the tensile adhesion strength for HA (40 MPa) due to the balance between our HA-powder and the spraying recipe.

由于我们HA粉末和喷涂配方之间的平衡,需同时考HA40 Mpa)粘附拉伸强度


The roughness of the coating (EN 4287) depends on the selected Ti-powder for the Ti-coating structure between the initial dense Ti-bond coat and the final HA-to coat.

















































Our business relationship in medical application is divided into 2 parts. One part is coating production for the implant producer the other in equipment for the in-house coating production of the implant producer. Also the job shoppers, which are using our equipments (APS and VPS) have a direct relationship to the implant producer (coating validation).






























Medical coatings 医用涂层


Medicoat has certified the medicine-technical coating production with vacuum-plasma-spraying (VPS) according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2000. Our customers are considerable prosthesis manufacturers. We coat their implants on the contact areas to the bone tissue with biocompatible materials to force a direct and long-term-stable osseointegration. Two of our VPS systems are exclusively reserved for medical applications. Some of our design variants are:

根据DIN EN ISO 9001-2000标准,用真空等离子喷(VPS) 医用技术喷涂Medicoat产品已通过认证。


Structured titanium layer (Ti) 钛结构涂层Ti

Adapted surface morphology with variable layer thickness and adjustable roughness. Ti in accordance with ISO 5832-2.




Average roughness: Ra < 25 micrometer. The picture corresponds to 1cm2

平均粗糙度:Ra < 25um。该图1cm2


Average roughness: Ra > 40 micrometer. The picture corresponds to 1cm2

平均粗糙度:Ra > 40um。该图1cm2

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